We are an industrial motor service in Taiwan, providing all kinds of variety industrial motor to your need, such as squirrel cage motor, AC motor, DC motor, Increased safety motor, single phase motor, three phase motor, high voltage motor, explosion proof motor etc.


Under the strict control of product quality and productivity, we have earned good reputation from many customers and third parties by their appreciation and affirmation in this industry. Continuing to expand our business services and solutions, the service actively enters in the manufacturing industries, blower industries, air compressor industries, pump industries, and other related industries areas, and also to manufacture any kind of industrial motors etc, and actively improve the production process, method, research , design, and quality in order to meet the strict quality requirements of international standards.


We value important growing business relationship with customers and third-parties, we have also cherished by the core organizational values ​​to allow us committed to build a sustainable management of the business environment for long-term relationship and growth, and best expecting to become customers, third-parties, and communities can be respected and trusted.


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